Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

The ACCI Volunteers (ACCIV) is a device used by the Centre that promotes volunteerism to support competitiveness and best practices for monitoring and competitive intelligence on the continent.  Volunteering at ACCIV helps to change the culture and landscape of the African economy. It is beneficial to both private and public economic actors and volunteers.  The ACCIV programme contributes to the competitiveness of the African economy on the world stage by encouraging ACCI donors to involve in volunteerism in the framework of promoting and monitoring outside the internet and the creation of strategic intelligence devices.

– Volunteering at ACCI

The African Centre for Competitive Intelligence Volunteering programme (ACCIV) shares the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful force that engages people to address the economic challenges of competitiveness of African countries.  Everyone can volunteer and dedicate time, skills and knowledge to advance monitoring practices and economic intelligence in Africa.
The ACCI believes that volunteerism brings about significant economic and societal contributions.  It consolidates social bonds and weaves relationships of trust and exchange between economic operators, researchers and fellow citizens.  Exercising your profession in a completely different environment such as the ACCI is both demanding and rewarding.  As a matter of fact, in transferring useful skill, you learn more about the issues affecting the lives of African economic actors.

The ACCIV programme is constantly looking for candidates with top qualification and varied expertise.

– Volunteering for the ACCI

If you wish to get information about international ACCI voluntary service in a country other than your country of origin or on the national ACCI voluntary service in your country, please contact us.

Do you wish to volunteer for a short period of three months or less?

You can join the ACCI Volunteering service Online.  In this case, volunteers can contribute to the promotion of sustainable economic and strategic intelligence in Africa and support the activities of ACCI, public and private stakeholders via the Internet.  For more information on the requirements to become an Online volunteer and on how the Online Volunteering Service (VS) of the ACCI operates, contact us.