Due diligence

Who will appear in the FCV ?

The following categories of persons shall appear in the FCV:

  • Persons charged with fraud or attempted fraud, deception or attempted deception, by at least two African administrations or companies;
  • Persons with final convictions in Africa or elsewhere: it does not matter whether they have appealed against their conviction for economic or financial offences;
  • Persons indicted by an examining magistrate for economic or financial offences;
  • People who have served a sentence in Africa or elsewhere for economic or financial offences;
  • People whose projects are found to be dubious, after due diligence by the ACCI’s accredited experts.

What information will be included the FCV ?

The FCV includes: full name, sex, place of birth, address, nationality and reason for entry in the file.

In the case of persons who appear on the register as a result of a court conviction, the court decision giving rise to the entry will also be recorded in the FCV.

How long does a subject’s registration with the FCV last ?

Registration on the CVF will last for 10 years. However, this period may be extended to 20 years for repeat offenders or those who are the subject of several complaints.

If a person is registered following a court decision and the case is eventually dismissed or the person is acquitted, he or she will no longer be registered on the FCV.

Who can access the data contained in the FCV?

Any public authority or African donor company may access the contents of the FCV on request.