Key programs

PLA : Pro Local Authorities 

The PLA supports the development, attractiveness and competitiveness of African local authorities in their quest for economic development and improved living conditions for their populations through: diagnostics, multi-sector monitoring, project development, national and international fundraising. At the request of states or regions, the PCL also works to identify, strategically structure and internationally promote local brands such as coltan from the DRC, phosphate from Tunisia, cotton from Burkina Faso, red fruit from Morocco, “Tchep” from Senegal, coffee from Burundi and “Ndolè” from Cameroon.  

IAP : Institute of the African Parliament

In collaboration with the National Assemblies and Senates of Africa, as well as esteemed universities specializing in Public Affairs, the Institute of the African Parliament, initiated by the ACCI, actively contributes to capacity building and the professionalization of roles essential to parliamentary work. The ACCI offers short, intensive training programs that lead to certifications for parliamentary assistants, parliamentary attachés, and lobbyists working in Africa. Our focus on multisectoral monitoring and parliamentary intelligence plays a pivotal role in our approach. 

DCA : Diaspora Connection for Africa

With the DCA and in collaboration with organizations representing Africans living overseas, the Center aims to provide training to thousands of members of the African Diaspora, from diverse backgrounds, in competitive and strategic intelligence techniques specifically tailored to Africa’s needs. These individuals are destined to become the continent’s eyes and ears beyond its borders. Our ultimate objective is to transform this diaspora into the foremost source of expertise and high-value technologies for the development and competitiveness of the African continent.