Dr Bertold Bäer-Bouyssière, the German and New York barrister becomes an advisor to the President of the ACCI

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[ACCI-CAVIE] A specialist in competition law, writer, and avid art enthusiast, Dr. Bär-Bouyssière is a qualified lawyer in Germany and New York. He has publicly appeared alongside Dr. Guy Gweth, president of the African Center for Competititive Intelligence (ACCI), in Djerba, Brussels, Paris, and Yaoundé, before becoming his special advisor. A carefully considered commitment.

Who is Bertold Bär-Bouyssière?

For thirty years, Bertold Bäer-Bouyssière has been passionate about competition law, a branch of law that defines and reflects the relationship between the state and the business world – between regulation and entrepreneurial freedom.

He has been a member of international law firms since 1994 and is based in Brussels, regularly engaging with the European Commission on reforms in this field.

After serving for six years on the board of one of the world’s largest law firms, he currently practices within the Dentons association.

 Bertold is a member of the Executive Committee of the Belgium-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has also served as Co-Chair of the Competition Policy Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmChamEU).

He is the author of several books, articles, and columns covering current developments in this field, including:

  • « Competition Law and Sustainability », ESHTE Conference on Tourism Law (17-18 October 2022)
  • « Les obstacles pratiques à la place effective de la proportionnalité dans la compliance », dans Marie-Anne Frison-Roche (ed.), “Les Buts Monumentaux de la Compliance” (Dalloz, 2022)
  • “The impact of COVID-19 on competition law in the tourism sector » (Ebook ESHTE, 2022)
  • « Competition law in the tourism sector » (Book Chapter, 2022)
  • « State Aid Law (Commentary on Articles 107-109 TFEU) » in: Jürgen Schwarze, EU-Kommentar, 4th edition 2019
  • « Industrial Policy & Merger Control after Siemens/Alstom » in: Antitrust Matters (November 2019)
  • « EU loan syndication and its impact on competition in credit markets – are you aware of the risks? » (September 2019)
  • « Commissioner Vestager’s Mission Letter – The way ahead » (September 2019)
  • « EU Policy & Regulatory Alert: EU Mechanism for Foreign Investment Screening to Enter into Force in April » (March 2019)
  • « The era of more effective EU competition enforcement has begun » (December 2018)
  • « Start Me Up and Keep Me Growing – Management Learnings from the Rolling Stones » (Anthem Press, June 2022)



A brief overview of the ACCI

The ACCI is a powerful pan-African organization represented in 38 countries worldwide. It brings together some of the most stringent minds to contribute even more effectively to the competitiveness and performance of state actors and private companies that rely on it in African, European, and soon Asian markets.

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