Foundations and Practices of Corporate Diplomacy in African Markets

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[ACCI-CAVIE] According to the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence, corporate diplomacy is a powerful tool for firms that want to succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive global environment, particularly in African markets. In total, these 6 modules and 3 practical exercises for 3 days of intensive and certified training address a specific need.

According to Dr Guy GWETH, President of the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence, “corporate diplomacy is a valuable tool for African companies that want to increase their competitiveness in African markets. Through corporate diplomacy, firms concretely improve their chances of success in an increasingly complex and competitive African environment.”

Hence the creation of a dedicated, intensive, and certifying high-level training program by the ACCI. The session consists of 6 modules and 3 practical exercises. It is delivered in 3 days, in-house, upon request, in-person, or remotely.

Module 1 – Understanding the fundamentals of corporate diplomacy

  • Definition and objectives of corporate diplomacy
  • Actors in corporate diplomacy
  • Tools of corporate diplomacy in Africa

Module 2 – Mastering the challenges of corporate diplomacy for Africa

  • Enhancing competitiveness in African markets
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Improving image and reputation in Africa and the world
  • Managing risks and challenges related to the international environment

Module 3 – Developing a corporate diplomacy strategy

  • Identifying strategy objectives
  • Defining strategy targets
  • Choosing appropriate tools and actions

Module 4 – Implementing a corporate diplomacy strategy

  • Negotiating and concluding agreements
  • Managing relationships with stakeholders
  • Communicating effectively in times of crisis

Module 5 – Assessing the real impact of corporate diplomacy

  • Defining performance indicators
  • Measuring the impact of a strategy
  • Continuously improving the strategy

Module 6 – Ensuring constant monitoring of the environment

  • Designing an intelligence system
  • Activating multisectoral monitoring
  • Generating deliverables useful for decision-making
  • Three practical workshops
  • Negotiation of a commercial agreement
  • Managing a diplomatic crisis
  • Implementing a sensitive communication plan

In Brief…

This elite training will enable participants to understand the challenges of corporate diplomacy, develop monitoring techniques and a strategy tailored to their company, and effectively deploy this approach in Africa.

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