How the ACCI can Support Development Partners in Africa

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[ACCI-CAVIE] It is not widely known to the general public, but the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence can provide significant assistance, in four specific areas, to development organizations operating in Africa.

According to Dr. Guy Gweth, President of the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI), this pan-African institution can be a privileged ally for development partners in Africa by offering them unique expertise in competitive and strategic intelligence tailored to Africa. “The added value of the ACCI, in this specific context,” explains the Head of Doing Business in Africa at Centrale Supélec and EM Lyon, “lies particularly in public-private dialogue, project development, capacity building for stakeholders, and understanding African markets.”

Assistance in understanding African markets

The ACCI provides in-depth analysis and studies on African markets, enabling development partners to better understand sector-specific opportunities and challenges. It provides reliable and updated information on economic trends, current regulations, and key players on the continent. The deliverables resulting from these activities allow partners to make informed decisions and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Capacity building for local stakeholders

The ACCI also offers premium training and workshops on competitive and strategic intelligence, allowing local stakeholders to develop their skills and make better use of strategic information. The Centre also encourages the creation of synergies among different development actors by facilitating information sharing and collaboration. The outcomes of these activities contribute, among other benefits, to strengthening the impact of development missions and ensuring better project ownership by local populations.

Support for project development

The ACCI can provide technical assistance to development partners in the design and implementation of their projects. The Centre can conduct market studies, identify potential partners, and assess risks associated with each project. The outcomes of these activities help partners maximize the chances of success in their interventions and ensure the optimal use of available resources.

Promotion of public-private dialogue

The ACCI regularly organizes conferences, forums, and meetings between public and private actors, thereby fostering dialogue and consultation on economic issues. In doing so, the Centre helps create a more conducive environment for investment and business development in Africa. These high-level gatherings enable development partners to better understand the needs of the private sector and adapt their interventions accordingly.

More than ever, the ACCI positions itself as a dynamic and committed organization that relies on recognized intellectual production, a network of experts, and validated partners to contribute to the competitiveness of actors operating in the African economic field.

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