How the ACCI contributes to the performance of African parliamentarians

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[ACCI-CAVIE] The African Centre for Competitive Intelligence, in addition to its other missions, works to enhance the performance of African parliamentarians by providing them with access to strategic information, training, research support, and a collaborative network, for better legislation and informed public policies in Africa.

According to Dr Guy Gweth, president of the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI) and initiator of the first training and certification program for parliamentary staff in Africa, “The ACCI fulfils its role by raising awareness among African parliamentarians regarding the significance of multisector monitoring and legal intelligence. It actively promotes the adoption of policies and practices that enhance transparency and access to legal information, while also advocating for the regulation of lobbying activities across the continent.” The contribution of the ACCI to the performance of African parliamentarians is therefore achieved through several concrete actions:

Capacity building

The ACCI offers specialized training in sector monitoring and parliamentary intelligence to members of parliament, senators, and parliamentary staff in Africa. These sessions cover topics such as strategic information research, data analysis, human intelligence, and competitive intelligence applied to the parliamentary field.

Furthermore, the ACCI can provide parliamentarians with access to specialized tools and databases for information research, data analysis, note production, as well as normative and case law monitoring.

In the short term, the ACCI plans to develop an online learning platform offering interactive modules and educational resources on monitoring and parliamentary intelligence. This tool will allow parliamentarians to learn at their own pace and according to their specific needs.

Personalized support

In response to specific needs, the ACCI provides parliamentarians with investigators, watchers, and analysts to assist them in conducting specific research, analyzing complex data, and making strategic decisions in their roles as local leaders and elected representatives.

Depending on the issues and challenges, the ACCI can offer guidance and counselling services to parliamentarians to help them identify reliable sources of information, leverage strategic data, and formulate relevant public policies.

Production of analyses and reports

The ACCI can conduct in-depth sectoral studies on key topics related to the areas of intervention of parliamentarians (economy, agriculture, sustainable development, etc.).

The Centre regularly produces analytical and summary notes on burning current issues or matters of public interest, relying on accurate data and information.

To address one or more potential challenges, the ACCI can establish prospective monitoring to identify emerging trends and potential risks, enabling parliamentarians to anticipate changes and make proactive decisions.

In conclusion, the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of African parliaments by equipping parliamentarians for better decision-making. It provides them with access to strategic information, training, research support, and a collaborative network. All of these services promote more informed and effective legislation and public policies in Africa.

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