How the ACCI works to boost the performance of African diplomats

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[ACCI-CAVIE] Through its Influence and Counter-Influence Action, the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence plays a strategic role in enhancing the capabilities of African diplomats in a complex, aggressive, and ever-changing international environment.

Given the increasingly important role of diplomats in economic warfare, the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI) is committed to boosting their performance in the following five areas:

  1. Developing competitive intelligence skills

As part of the Joint Capacity Building Program for African public and private decision-makers, created in partnership with Knowdys Consulting Group and BVMW Afrika, the ACCI offers over sixty intensive and certifying training courses on the collection, processing, analysis, and exploitation of strategic information for competitiveness. This elite program enables diplomats to better understand the economic and geopolitical challenges of the contemporary world. The Centre provides them with methods and tools to identify opportunities and threats, anticipate crises, and make timely decisions.

  • Increasing knowledge of foreign markets

The ACCI periodically conducts surveys and in-depth analyses of high-potential foreign markets, enabling African diplomats to better grasp the economic opportunities in countries where they are stationed. Through this activity, the Centre provides them with legal intelligence on key actors, prevailing regulations, and market trends, allowing them to effectively promote their country’s interests.

  • Expanding multisectoral surveillance

The ACCI maintains an ongoing surveillance mechanism that also allows diplomats to continuously monitor the international environment and detect weak signals that may herald crises or major changes in their countries of assignment. The Centre provides them with accurate alerts and analyses, enabling quick and proactive responses to relevant events.

  • Support for international negotiations

In response to their requests, the ACCI provides African diplomats with strong economic and geopolitical arguments for international negotiations. The Centre helps them profile their counterparts, identify pressure points and levers of influence or counter-influence, and develop asymmetric strategies or win-win postures.

  • Granting diplomats access to the ACCI network

In addition to training and offering high-value conferences, the ACCI connects diplomats with experts in competitive intelligence, finance, economics, geopolitics, and international law, among others. By doing so, the Centre allows them to access up-to-date skills and specialized knowledge, benefiting from an external perspective on complex and contemporary issues.

According to Dr. Guy Gweth, current president of the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence, “The ACCI has now become a real asset for diplomats because it provides them with powerful and innovative tools, as well as the necessary skills to navigate an increasingly uncertain, risky, and demanding international environment.”

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