The contribution of the ACCI to the performance of the African press

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[ACCI-CAVIE] Playing a pivotal role in the offensive, defensive, and influential aspects of African economies, the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence provides unique support for the development and sustainability of African media through several concrete initiatives.

By launching the high-level program titled “Competitive Intelligence and Investigative Journalism,” Dr. Guy Gweth, President of the ACCI, aimed to enhance the capacities of the African press through methods and tools that are best suited for economic competition.

Capacity building for the press

The ACCI has been at the forefront of providing specialized training in competitive intelligence specifically tailored to the needs of the media industry. These trainings equip journalists and the local press with essential skills to identify and gather reliable strategic information, critically analyze and process this information, to produce relevant and high-value content. Moreover, the ACCI supports the media in establishing dedicated internal structures for competitive, media, and strategic intelligence. The Centre also provides practical exercises and case studies that serve as valuable resources for media professionals to enhance their capabilities.

Improving information quality

The ACCI has made the fight against misinformation a continental cause by providing fact-checking tools and raising awareness among the media concerning the dangers of “fake news.” Since then, ACCI has been training in fact-checking practices by organizing workshops and disseminating best practices through alerts, interviews, and forums. Additionally, whenever possible, the Centre provides technical support to the media for the production of high-quality investigations and reports on topics of public interest.

Creating new business models

The experts at the ACCI are fully mobilized to help the media identify new sources of revenue by guiding them towards innovative economic models such as crowdfunding, paid subscriptions, or sponsorship. They connect them with media outlets or potential partners such as international organizations, public institutions, or qualified private companies. Furthermore, the ACCI encourages African media to produce exclusive and original content that can attract a wider audience and build audience loyalty.

Growing the influence of African media

The ACCI works to facilitate the participation of African media in international events which focus on competitive intelligence and communication. This includes the Festival de l’intelligence économique francophone – FIEF (Francophone competitive intelligence festival) and the African Competitive Intelligence Day (JAIE), which are held annually. These events contribute to strengthening the network of certified journalists from the ACCI, showcasing their expertise, and promoting the exchange of expertise and the sharing of best professional practices.

In conclusion

The ACCI is committed to remaining a strategic ally for the African media. As stated by Dr. Guy Gweth, the President of the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence, “The ACCI will persistently provide the African press with innovative methods and tools, specifically tailored to the local context, to build their capacities, improve the quality of information they disseminate, develop new economic models, and grow their influence.”

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