The substantial contribution of the ACCI to the success of the AfCFTA

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[ACCI-CAVIE] The African Centre for Competitive Intelligence plays a discreet yet strategic role in the success of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), in accordance with its core missions.

In addition to the creation of a workshop titled “Understanding and Benefiting from the AfCFTA” for each signatory state in 2022, the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI) has contributed, alongside UNCTAD, to the creation of a platform for monitoring and reporting tariff and non-tariff barriers accessible to all operators. This contribution is the visible part of a series of contributions that align with the main missions of the Centre:

Strategic monitoring and competitive intelligence

Through the collection and analysis of information, the ACCI provides insights into the reality of markets, competitors, opportunities, and threats within the AfCFTA. This contribution significantly enables stakeholders to make informed decisions in the fields of trade and investment. Risk and opportunity assessment benefits African states as well as international investors, minimizing risks and maximizing the economic benefits of the AfCFTA. It assists public and private actors in making informed decisions regarding risks. Mapping economic actors allows ACCI to identify and locate key economic actors within the AfCFTA, such as companies, investors, international organizations, and research institutions. This activity facilitates networking and collaboration among these actors.

Training and capacity building

The ACCI is well-known for developing training programs on multisector monitoring, due diligence, corporate diplomacy, and enhanced competitive intelligence for public and private actors operating in African markets. This activity strengthens the capacity of various stakeholders to leverage the AfCFTA. Upon request, the Centre also organizes workshops and seminars specifically aimed at raising awareness among African economic and diplomatic actors about the challenges of the AfCFTA and equipping them with the necessary tools to benefit from it. The ACCI is also working on the development of an online learning platform to disseminate educational content on competitive and strategic intelligence in relation to the AfCFTA.

Contribution in shaping diverse policies

Through its extensive production of specialized knowledge, the Centre actively contributes to the formulation of public policies on the African continent. The ACCI conducts studies and analysis to inform trade and economic policy in Africa. It provides bespoke advice to African governments upon request on how to benefit from the AfCFTA. The Centre offers its unique expertise to delegations engaged in trade negotiations under the AfCFTA framework.

In conclusion

The ACCI plays, and will continue to play, a strategic role in the success of the AfCFTA, albeit discreetly. How? By providing public and private actors operating in African markets with the necessary tools and skills to leverage this unique initiative.

The Editorial Team